Trouble In Terrorist Town Event

Our Trouble in terrorist town event has now officially started, the server has been locked and passworded, to enter please enter the password: 


Once again the games given away will be:

1st place: Tomb Raider + Player of the week
2nd place: Poker Night 2
3rd Place: Sin Mora 

There will also be two draws:

Mid-point draw: Love
End-event Draw: Five nights at Freddies

We hope to see you on

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TTT Event Scheduled for 17/10/14

Hey Everyone, 

We would like to welcome you to another TTT Harbu Fun Night on 17/10/14 @ 8:00PM EST 
The TTT Server will be locked for all you community members. 
The password will be announced on Friday 

This Event will be including a give-away! You have the opportunity to win: 

1st place: Tomb Raider
2nd place: Poker Night 2
3rd Place: Sin Mora 

To win this prize we will be having a point based competition. How this will work will be: 

Every kill you have in the game will either earn you or cost you points. If an innocent player kills a filthy Traitor, they will be rewarded with a point. Anyone who aids in the murder of a traitor (As long as we can see it in damage logs) will also receive a point. For the traitor team, if you win each traitor will receive 5 points, dead or alive. Any RDM (Traitor on traitor or Innocent on innocent) that results in a death will result in a negative point to the instigator no matter what had happened. 

We will also give away two free games to players on the server. The first prize will be given away halfway through the event, the second at the very end. 

The games will be: 

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Don’t forget to check out our other server: 

DarkRP – 

As well as our new beta servers: 

Prop Hunt –
Cinema – 

Join us on TeamSpeak @ 

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