Classic TTT Update

Last night we officially deployed our Classic TTT Update on our Trouble in Terrorist Town Server. This update included some large mechanical changes to the base theme of the server. Our server’s old theme was “murderthon 9000″ hence, M9K. With this new update deployed, we’re going back to our roots to bring back some of the best moments you’ve ever had while playing TTT.

Included with this update

  • Removal of M9K
  • Added two old weapon packs ( already balanced and glorious )
  • New HUD + GUI
  • Return of Scoreboard Commands
  • Added 10+ new D & T Weapons
  • Added a new map rotation, 90+ maps
  • Various bug fixes and extra added features

Every update we deploy optimizes our server for faster loading times, more stability, and more fun. While this update has been officially deployed, it is not completed (yet). Over the next few days older donor models from our throwback days will be added, in addition to our previous ones ( we gotta go dig through backups).

I sincerely hope you all enjoy the new content added, and make sure to return on Halloween for some fun events :)



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Trouble In Terrorist Town Event

Our Trouble in terrorist town event has now officially started, the server has been locked and passworded, to enter please enter the password: 


Once again the games given away will be:

1st place: Tomb Raider + Player of the week
2nd place: Poker Night 2
3rd Place: Sin Mora 

There will also be two draws:

Mid-point draw: Love
End-event Draw: Five nights at Freddies

We hope to see you on

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