Brandon’s Final Goodbye

“Hello HG Brand0n here, I am stepping down from the Community. I loved you all and every minute and laugh we had.
I’ve met some of the best friends in my life. Unfortunately its time for me to say goodbye to you all.
I tip my hat to the hard-work of every staff member of the community. Without you we wouldn’t have gotten this far.

I will be gone but don’t move on my behalf just smile have fun see this as a new beginning not a end of a era.
Legals just as compitent to bring you guys the same experience you have had in the past”

~Goodbye, I love you all.

We wish Brandon the best of luck in future endeavors, and we appreciate his hard work and dedication to HarbuGaming, he will be missed.

Please be aware we are still working to re-build DarkRP, TTT however remains online.


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Major Changes And Updates!

This week HarbuGaming’s Management underwent some massive changes, please understand we’re trying to regroup, and we will be back to normal ASAP!

While everything is reconfigured, all of our gameservers will remain down/locked until they are restored from a backup (or rebuilt). Teamspeak, our website, and every gameserver is in the process of migrating to their new home.

No IP’s will change.

We will continue to update the community on the status of the servers.

Thank you for your continued support!

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