Incoming TTT Update

As all of our TTT players know, the server has been acting kinda weird since the addition of the new Pointshop. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been investigating the player & server crashes, aswell as go so far as to dissect crash dumps from players to help fix the issues.

While it may appear like I had simply been neglecting  TTT, I have been investigating these issues for a few weeks now. And finally i’m glad to bring everyone some awesome news.

TTT will be down for 6-12 hours tonight beginning at around 10-11PM EST, as I completely WIPE & REBUILD from the ground up, eliminating all problems.

The update has been rescheduled for tommorrow morning-afternoon to ensure we have enough time to release before our players get on.

(10 PM EST) The update has been completed at this time and the server is in a playable state, over the next few hours/days we will continue to add content.

No Data will be lost! However some features may remain disabled temporarily

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Site & Server Migration ( Complete )

Tonight we officially migrated our web services to OVH, the premier host of North America.

We’re always aiming to provide the best to our players, and thank you to the continued support of our members and their donations, we’re proud to bring you top of the line upgrades.

While tonight only our website was moved, we have plans this week to finish migrating all of our servers to our new infrastructure at OVH to better provide for our users.

  • Monday 1PM EST – DarkRP has been migrated to a new IP Address at this time, you can connect via or
  • Saturday 1PM EST – Trouble in Terrorist Town has been migrated to a new IP Address at this time, you can connect via or

More updates on the sever migrations will be posted here, as for now enjoy your week!

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